3G TC56W
Pretrace TC56W is worldwide frequencies covered 3G GPS tracker for vehicle tracking and asset monitoring. It is an advanced tracking device to monitor driver behavior, manage fuel, detect temperature, alert over speed, etc. TC56W fits for all type of vehicle-car, truck,bus,taxi,etc; it also fits for m2m applications--construction machines,vending machines,etc.
TC56 is a multifunctional GPS tracker for fleet management and M2M applications. It supports real time location, driving behavior analysis, temperature monitoring, two-ways communication, and other external equipment combination such as camera, RFID, fuel sensor, etc. TC56 will improve the efficiency of fleet management that increase the customers’ satisfaction. It is a fit for different customizations.
TC55, is designed for the most stable and economic GPS tracking for vehicles. With the optional accessories connecting, TC55 is the ultimate solution for fleet managers who in need of location tracking, emergency support, speeding report, anti-thief alarm, engine remote control, etc. It is widely used for the fleet management, M2M solution. TC55, is advanced at its intelligent power saving and GPRS cost saving, which also suitable to do objects tracking, to protect various valued assets.
TC80, is optimized for assets tracking. It will operate autonomously for more than 300 days under optimal configuration, which is an ideal self-contained device for long term tracking deployments. Its built-in 3-axis G-sensor allows TC80 to detect asset movement and transmit an alert message. Its friendly thin size (13.6mm) design can be easily hang it up on the neck, use like an access card, or fix it on the objects, which is easy hidden.
TC85D is an asset tracking device designed for containers, trailers or any remote objects tracking applications. With the built-in door sensor and G-sensor, TC85D is capable to detect the door open status and asset movement, transmit the alert message to the control center. Ultra low power consumption allows TC85D to work more than 6 years without recharging. It is an ideal reliable GPS tracker for long term security monitoring deployment.
TC85, is designed for assets tracking, especially for container tracking. Four built-in batteries with 8800Mah, with super low power consumption, it will operate autonomously for more than 1000 days. Water resistant and anti-dust provides an optimal solution for protecting against temperature, dust, and water spray. The certified quad-band coverage help you monitoring the high valued objects simply and easily. It is an ideal self-contained device for long term tracking deployments.